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    We can provide a range of fillings and linings to suit your specification. Our Polyester fillings are available in 2oz, 4oz and 6oz and we also offer an 8oz Hollofibre filling for projects where a more luxurious lofty appearance is required.


    A recent addition to our range of fillings is the 8oz Allerban Hollofil which is becoming more popular as end users become increasingly customer focussed. The technologically advanced Allerban Hollofil benefits from anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection whilst providing a high quality appearance.







    Our standard linings, which are included within the price of the products, are cream polycotton and are available in both inherently fire retardant and standard fabrics.


    However we can also source linings for you or alternatively use specific fabrics which you provide.

    Fillings & Linings